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Name:Vahlmir Ravenhead

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Vahlmir Ravenhead is the God of dreams from a world called Keldra. (This race of gods are known as the Kayori.)

He endured the psychic possession of his evil twin sister, Versha Narumi, since before birth - all his 1900 years of existence, right from the womb.

Versha died only forty years ago and Vahl is now free from her influence. Every terrible thing 'he' has done was actually perpetrated by her, using his body to carry out her whims.

The person that was truly Vahl, was kept in the prison of his own mind and he's still only beginning to find out who he is. It's all terribly difficult, especially as he is still rediscovering his conscience, which seems to be a tad flawed.

Vahl's alignment treads the line between neutral and evil. He is capable of good and does work hard not to slip into the abyss however, and will not IC'ly harm your muse unless given good reason (and mun permission)

If you're okay with Vahl reading your character's mind - after all he does have powerful psychic abilities - and discovering something about your character, please go here and comment that you give permission. He won't do any damage without mun consent, sometimes he's merely curious, and sometimes he's just protecting himself.. if he can see hostile intent in someone's mind before they do attack, he can better defend himself.


God of Dreams.
“The five senses. Touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. All of these are nothing more than simple electro-chemical signals, transmitted via the
nervous system and interpreted by the brain. Voila, perception. Add to the mix the sixth sense, a powerful element of mind control – that’s when things start to get really interesting.” (Quote by Vahlmir Ravenhead)

*Officially? The God of Dreams, though there’s much more to him than that. Vahl is a god of the mind.

* Alien. Origination: Galaxy CR7, Marbacchian star system, Danae Nebula.

* After the most recent war, Vahl has become the Sky Chieftain, the power passed on from his dead father is now his.

* His psychic ability is formidable, as are his more physical godlike skills. His element is air and Vahl can be extremely dangerous.

(An OC from the mun's original fiction)

PB is Jeremy Irons, who is not mine, blah de blah-blah. The character "Vahlmir Ravenhead" totally belongs to me. Both mun and muse are well over 21.
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